• Benefits for practitioners

    • Increased profitability
    • Low investment
    • New upsell opportunity
    • Attract new clientele
    • Increased client satisfaction
    • Simple, quick process
    • Precision treatment delivery
    • CIBTAC endorsed training and certification
    • Full marketing support packages

    Benefits for clients

    • Immediately visible results
    • Short treatment times
    • Non invasive, needle-free
    • Only natural ingredients
    • Separates compacted skin layers
    • Lasting effects*
    • Smooth, natural appearance
  • Poring-Fluid, applied with the Elements of Beauty PoreJet, is an ideal solution for those who would prefer a pain-free alternative to traditional needles and quicker results than other alternatives in the treatment of the first superficial facial lines and wrinkles.

    The Poring-Fluid, our unique, low viscosity formulation containing only non-animal Hyaluronic Acid, Mannitol and pharmaceutical grade water and manufactured under pharmaceutical controlled conditions, is accurately administered along a specific line/ wrinkle and passes within a split second under controlled pressure into the top layers of the skin. The Fluid dissipates outwards in a cone shaped pattern into the epidermis, separating compacted layers of skin. The very fine atomised Hyaluronic Acid spreads into the intercellular spaces of the epidermis and reaches the basal layer. Moisture accumulates in the intercellular spaces, the bonded cells detach from each other and the skin appears smoother, rosier and revitalised.

    The Poring-Method applied with the Elements of Beauty PoreJet offers unique benefits and excellent results in skin and wrinkle treatment. Optimum results are achieved when used in combination with other treatments as part of a total skin care package. It has a highly effective and instantaneous benefit, resulting in smoother and younger looking skin.

    *A course of treatments is required to achieve a lasting effect. The number of treatments will depend on the age and condition of the skin.

  • Your starter kit

    • 1 x PoreJet
    • 1 x Reset Box
    • 3 x Transporter
    • 2 x 1.5ml Poring-Fluid Carpoules
    • 45 x Bio Cellulose Stem Cell Masks
    • 50 x Ampoules
    • 50 x Poring Tips
    • 20 x Transporter Adaptors


    • One day CIBTAC endorsed training
    • 1 x 1.5ml Poring-Fluid Carpoules (to be used during training and for post-training practice)


    • Marketing for your salon or website
    • Additional bespoke marketing materials available on request from www.bluehorizonsmarketing.co.uk
    • Telephone support
    • Regular communication with product specialist
    • 'Top Tips' newsletter

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