AICICIOIR Cosmetic Corrector

    • The AICICIOIR Cosmetic Corrector is suitable for:

      • Acne scar attenuation
      • Benign skin lesion removal
      • Brown/Age spot removal
      • Eyelid / Periorbital area / Under-Eye skin tightening
      • Liver spot removal
      • Mole removal
      • Permanent make-up removal/remodelling
      • Skin Tag removal
      • Small Tattoo removal
      • Xanthalamsa


    • The AICICIOIR Cosmetic Corrector is one of the latest generation in cosmetic devices for Cosmetic Clinics and Beauticians and is intended for commercial use only.

      The AICICIOIR Cosmetic Corrector is non-invasive. The tip of the device operates at a distance of approximately 1mm above the surface of the skin.

      The principle of operation of the AICICIOIR Cosmetic Corrector can be explained as follows:

      “The difference in voltage between the skin and the tip of the device produces a small electrical arc which is digitally controlled by the embedded Central Processing Unit (CPU)”

      The AICICIOIR Cosmetic Corrector is portable, precise, safe, versatile and easy to use.

      The AICICIOIR Cosmetic Corrector is an ideal substitute for cosmetic lasers for specific applications where the power levels of lasers are generally too high for the more delicate procedures in cosmetics.

      The AICICIOIR Cosmetic Corrector can be used in conjunction with lasers to maximise the benefit for the client.

      The AICICIOIR Cosmetic Corrector allows the user to be more accurate in targeting the tissue to be treated and therefore causes less damage to surrounding tissue than ‘Lasers’ or ‘Cryo’ devices.

      The AICICIOIR Cosmetic Corrector is battery operated and therefore fully portable and has a vast array of applications. (Limited to the manufacturer’s protocols).

    • Your Starter Kit

      • AICICIOIR Cosmetic Corrector
      • Corrector Tips (Pack of 12)
      • Metallic Tweezers for Tip Removal
      • Battery Charger
      • Warranty Registration Card
      • User Manual


      • One day certificated training


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      • Additional bespoke marketing materials available on request from
      • Telephone support
      • Regular communication with product specialists

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